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SutureSign allows document tracking for users via the "TRACK" page. Once a document has been sent, signed, or rejected, users are able to view, print, and follow up on the document's history and status.

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  • Saves time for yourself and co-workers

  • ‚ÄčEasily navigate pending, signed, and rejected orders

  • View document history and status


  1. Once you login you will see the "SEND" and "TRACK" buttons at the top of the page

  2. From the "TRACK" page, Senders will see 3 drop-down menu fields labeled View - Status - Filed. This will allow you to filter your "TRACK" page to only display sent, archived, pending, signed, rejected, or filed documents.

  3. Senders will also see 7 task buttons labeled as:

    • "Download" - Download selected documents

    • "Mark as Filed" - Mark selected documents as “Filed”

    • "Export List" -Export current list of documents into shapefile format

    • "Resend" - Resend selected documents to signer

    • "Retract" - Retract selected documents from the signer

    • "Archive" - Save selected documents to the archive and remove them from current view

    • "Clear Filters" - resets inbox filters

  4. To select documents simply click the white square box to the left of each documents entry on the "TRACK" page.

  5. Senders may follow up on the status of documents by viewing the document history. To view a detailed report of the document's history, locate the document you wish to view the history for and click on the blue clock icon to the left of the document entry. This will enable a pop up window containing a detailed report of the documents history.

TIPS - Senders

  • TIP: Viewing Rejection Reason -  Use the scroll bar to view the column labeled “REJECTION REASON ” Click on the word ''more'' typed in blue text to expand the rejection reason entry. This will display additional information about the rejection and provide the signer's office contact information. You can also click to open the document and scroll down to the additional last page to view the rejection reason

  • TIP: Searching by Document ID - locate the column labeled Doc ID search box by scrolling to the far right side of your screen. Move your cursor and click inside the rectangular textbox and type the Doc Id number. Once the Doc appears in a drop down list click on the text.

  • TIP: Printing - locate the document(s) that you want to print. Click the checkbox to the left of the document’s row and click the "Download" button. The document will download to your computer , Open the document. At the top of the screen you will see a picture of a printer. Click on the printer icon to print

  • TIP: Retracting Documents - locate the document that you want to remove. Click the checkbox to the left of the document’s row and click the "Retract" button. This will pull the document out of the physician's inbox, mark as "retracted", and move to your Archive folder.

    1. You can always view this document and resend by changing your view from Sent to Archive in the top left corner

  • TIP: Re-sending Documents - locate the document(s) that you wish to resend. Click the white square checkbox to the left of the document’s row and select the "Resend" button.

    1. This will send the document back the physician's inbox

    2. Note: Only rejected or retracted documents can be resent


SutureSign assigns a unique DocumentID to every document sent. This DocumentID can be found in multiple places:

  • On the far right column on the document’s row on the "TRACK" page

  • ‚ÄčOn the top/header of the History pop-up window

  • On the lower left corner of the document’s PDF file

Terms Used In Article

Signers: The Signing party who completes transactions; Signs orders via SutureSign

Senders: The sending party who Initiates transactions. Sends documents via SutureSign

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