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SutureSign accepts PDF documents to be uploaded for signature. For a more streamlined experience, SutureSign recommends to “save-as-PDF” or “Print-as-PDF” from your computer. Scanning is an option, although we do not recommend it.

In the sections below we will outline some solutions to properly save a PDF to be uploaded into SutureSign.

If SutureSign is telling you that your file size is too large, that is because it exceeded the file size limit set by your organization, the signer’s organization, or the system. The system has already attempted to reduce the file size for you, but it was still not able to get it below the set limit.

DO NOT FEAR, because there are several easy solutions.

Please note that scanning is generally NOT recommended for many reasons, so you should always try to eliminate scanning​.


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  • Smaller File Size

  • Clear, readable documents​


RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS (in the priority listed)

1. Save/Export as a PDF from your EMR

Most modern EMRs enable you to export files as a PDF, but the workflow to do so varies by EMR. Check with your EMR vendor to see if this functionality is already available to you.


You may be able to find this option by clicking either-

  • File>Save As

  • File>Export As


2. Print-to-PDF

Most modern Operating Systems and Internet Browsers have built in “Print-to-PDF”​ instead of scanning (i.e. web browsers Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 have it built in, as do many modern computers).


To access this, you can generally-

  1. Open the document in your EMR or Internet Browser

  2. Click the “Print” button or File>Print

  3. Look for options to select which printer you send the document to and select an option like “Print to PDF”, “Save as PDF”, “Microsoft Print to PDF”

Newer Operating System including Windows 10 and macOS 10.1x have the ability to save any document from anywhere as a PDF from the Print menu.

What Operating System Do I Have?


Newer Internet Browsers including Google Chrome, Safari 11+, Internet Explorer 11+, and Microsoft Edge have the ability to save a document as a PDF from the Print menu.

What Internet Browser Am I Using?


3. Save as a PDF from anywhere on your PC

If none of the above of these options are available, below is a program we recommend- doPDF. This third party program can be installed on your computer to add "Print as PDF" from anywhere.


To download and install doPDF, click on the pictures below. We suggest unchecking the "Microsoft Office add-in" during the install.


4. Scanner Settings

If you must scan your documents:

  1. Click to learn more about File Size of Scanned PDFs

  2. Research the settings on your scanner like- Brother, HP, Xerox

  3. Remove all unneeded pages (cover page)

  4. If your scanner has a “Quality” setting, lower this setting first

  5. Lower the DPI (dots per inch)

    1. 300 DPI is usually sufficient

    2. 150 DPI would be an option for longer(10+ page) documents

  6. Use black and white only



  • Always "Save/Export as PDF" or “Print-to-PDF” to eliminate large file-sizes and paper altogether

  • ​​Update your Internet Browser or Operating System to the latest​ version

  • Lower the DPI if you have to scan a document



DPI: DPI stands for Dots Per Inch which technically means printer dots per inch

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