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Learn How To Sign Documents Using Annotations


The purpose of this video is to show you how to fill out and sign documents using Annotations. Annotations will allow you to place text areas and checkboxes prior to signing documents

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  • Quickly add text boxes and check boxes to documents where required

  • Auto-load documents for quick completion


To add or edit annotations to a document that is in the ‘Ready To Be Signed’ section

  1. From your  INBOX , Select the document you wish to add annotations to by clicking on an order listed in the ‘Ready To Be Signed’ Section of your Inbox

  2. Once selected, scroll to the bottom, under the document and click the  Edit. button

  3. The document will open in the edit mode allowing annotations/checkboxes/sign/date edits

Documents that already have annotations boxes present will show in the ‘Needs To Be Filled Out’ section. Once clicked, the document will open in edit mode

  1. To annotate, select the yellow text field outline in red trim at the top of your document screen and drag and drop the ‘TextArea Box’ to desired location on your document

  2. Once the ‘TextArea Box’ has been placed on the document the words ‘Enter text here...’ will populate the text field

  3. Click inside the ‘TextArea Box’ and begin adding text

  4. You may edit the location of the ‘TextArea Box’ or resize the ‘TextArea Box’ by clicking the double-sided arrow icon located to to the right side of the text field.

  5. Annotations can be removed by selecting the delete icon also located to the right of the text field

  6. Once you complete your annotation select  eSign.

    1. Note:  ‘Incomplete Document’ Error message will appear if any text areas are left blank when you select eSign

      1. The blank ‘TextArea Box’ is indicated by a brighter yellow text field and will have the words ‘Enter Text Here..’ in the body of the text field

      2. Select ‘Ok’ to return to document edit mode to fill in missing information

      3. Select ‘Save’ If you do not wish to complete the document at this time  and select ‘Cancel’ (Saving a document will not approve the order)

      4. Saved documents with blank text areas will be automatically moved to the ‘Needs To Be Filled Out’ Section of your Inbox

      5. Note: Documents with blank text areas cannot be signed , they can only be approved and saved. You must enter information in the  blank text fields or delete the ‘TextArea Box’ in order to sign a document

      6. To complete this document select the order form the ‘Needs To Be Filled Out’ Section of your Inbox

      7. Click on the document to enable edit mode​


  • Click the checkbox OFF in the edit view to manually open each new document


Annotations: Text-Boxes and Check-boxes that can be added to a document by the sender or signer allowing the document to be filled out along with a signature and date

Template: Tells SutureSign and the Signer’s team what type of document is being sent. Places Signature/Date/Check/Text boxes on document’s pages


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