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Send Documents with Annotations


The purpose of this video is to show you how to send any kind of document using Annotations. Annotations will allow you to place text areas and checkboxes prior to sending documents

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  • Quickly add text boxes and check boxes to documents where required

  • Allows more types of documents to be completed and signed


  1. From the  SEND  Page, enter all required data fields and select the PDF from your computer

  2. Note that the ‘Preview or reposition signature’ is checked ON.

  3. Click green  Send  button

  4. To add annotations, select the yellow ‘TextArea Box’ outlined in red trim at the top of your document preview screen- Drag and drop the ‘Text Area Box’ to desired location on your document

  5. You may move or delete a ‘TextArea Box’ by clicking on the navigation icons located to to the right side of the text field

  6. Signature/Date/Checkbox placement works in the same way

  7. You can resize a ‘TextArea Box’ or ‘Signature Box’ by dragging one of the circles in the corners of the box

  8. Once you have completed the placement of all boxes, click the green  Send for Signature  button



  • Make sure to scroll down and ensure all necessary boxes show on all pages

  • Annotations can be built into a template using '-Create Custom Template-' in the template drop-down list


Annotations: Text-Boxes and Check-boxes that can be added to a document by the sender or signer allowing the document to be filled out along with a signature and date

Template: Tells SutureSign and the signer’s team what type of document is being sent. Places Signature/Date/Check/Text boxes on document’s pages


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