Adding a patient to SutureSign

This article will give step-by-step instructions to add a new patient in SutureSign.


  1. Click this link to access our website:

  2. Log into your account.

  3. Once logged in, you can send a document.

  4. In order to send a document you must fill out the appropriate fields.

  5. Usually, the patient name will auto populate in a dropdown box below the “Patient” field.

  6. If this does not happen, however, you will likely need to create a new patient.

  7. Start by pressing the plus button to the right of the patient field.

  8. Then, fill out the requested information on the patient.

  9. If there is no similar patient in our system, you will be able to add your patient.

  10. Once you have added your patient, you will always be able to choose that patient from the dropdown box below the “Patient” field.

  11. If the patient you add has credentials that match another patient in our system, you may be asked to verify that the similar patients are not the same.

  12. If enough information matches, you will be asked to call our support line (205-417-2400) so that one of our client support staff members may add the patient to our system or correct information on an existing patient.

  13. Once you click save, you will be redirected to the sending page, and your new template will be listed in the “Template:” field. If you would like to know how to proceed with sending a document, see the article: Sending a Document.


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