What is SutureSign?


What is SutureSign?

SutureSign is an electronic signature network, a common platform where physicians and ancillary providers can work together. As such, it is the single place where physicians go to eSign documents from any submitting provider. Designed by physicians with clinical workflow in mind, including optimal support by their assistant, SutureSign minimizes document turn-around time and maximizes value.


Useful tips to know for understanding:

There are only 3 types of accounts in SutureSign:

Agency - documents are sent to physicians/tracked

Nurse/Assistant - orders are approved, F2Fs are filled out, physicians can sign from screen.

Physician - signer account, F2Fs can be filled out/edits, physician can sign.


There are 2 types of account models/contracts:

Agency-paid model: This is the typical/primary model. The agency has the contract with us and funds the account, and it is free for their physicians. They recruit their physicians to come on board. This starts to cause a “domino effect”—the agency starts using SutureSign, recruits physicians, physicians like SutureSign and send the preference letter to all their agencies and the agency targets list to us. The agencies who get the preference letter will call us for more information, etc.

Physician-paid model - Large physician groups sometimes want to use SutureSign, and they require their agencies to get an account (for free) to send all orders electronically. Example: Baylor Elder House Calls.

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