Setting Up An Account (Non-Enterprise)

This article will give step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for an account in the Suture Sign system.


  1. Click this link to access our website:

  2. Click the blue button, on the right side of the screen, that says "Click here to get Started Now".

  1. Now you will be redirected to the setup form:

  2. Fill out the form with information relevant to your facility. Note that the accuracy of the data you input is crucial to your SutureSign experience. Follow these steps to fill out the form:

    1. Read the instructions at the top of the form.

    2. Underneath the text of the intructions, you must check the box beside “Got it, thanks”.

    3. What physician’s office reffered you to SutureSign?”

      • Select the physician's office that referred you to SutureSign in the dropdown menu below.

      • If the physician who referred you is with the Visiting Physicians, choose “Visiting Physicians (All Locations)”

    4. Are you interested in sending orders to all of your physicians?”

      • Let’s see how it goes with these physicians.” → “I might eventually want to pay in order to require all of my physicians to Sign through SutureSign. I want SutureSign to get in touch with me on this matter.”

      • Yes” → “I want to require all of the physicians to whom I send orders sign through SutureSign. I understand that means I will start paying for SutureSign.”

      • No.” → I only want to send to the physician(s) who referred me to SutureSign. I do not want to pay for SutureSign. I understand that this means I can only send to the provider group who referred me and is paying for my account.”

    5. Organization Name”

      • Enter your organization’s official, legal name in the text box under “Organization Name”.

      • Avoid acronyms or nicknames.

    6. Doing Business As”

      • In this text box, please enter the name your organization uses on a day-to-day basis.

      • Only fill out this field if the name you use on a day-to-day basis is different than your facility’s registered legal name.

    7. Address 1”

      • Enter your facility's physical address.

      • Please avoid using acronyms or abbreviations.

    8. Address 2”

      • Only fill in this text box if your facility is in a building, suite, or office number.

      • Please avoid using abbreviations.

    9. City”

      • Enter the name of the city that your facility is in.

      • Please be as specific as possible, avoiding greater city areas and corporate locations.

      1. If you are part of a larger company, use the city affiliated with your specific branch.

    10. State”

      • In the dropdown menu, select the state your facility is physically in.

      • If you are part of a larger company, use the state affiliated with your specific branch.

    11. Zip Code”

      • Enter the five-digit zip code of your facility.

    12. Phone Number”

      • Enter your facility’s 10 digit phone number with no punctuation.

    13. Fax Number”

      • Enter your facility’s 10 digit fax number.

    14. Services Provided”

      • Select the services that your facility provides.

      • If the service is not listed, type it into the text box beside “Other”.

      • This field dictates the order templates you will have access to when you start to send orders to be signed.

      • If you do not know what services are provided, talk to your office manager.

    15. Electronic Medical Record”

      1. Select the electronic clinical system that your facility uses.

        • This is the computer program where you keep patient information.

      2. If the method that your facility uses is not in the list select “Other”.

      3. If you do not keep track of patient information electronically, choose “none” in this menu.

    16. Facility Medicare Number”

      • Enter your facility’s medicare number

      • If you do not have a medicare number enter a “0”.

    17. Facility NPI Number”

      • Enter the NPI number of your facility.

  3. Click “Continue” when you have entered the above information accurately.

  4. You will be redirected to page 2 of the “Free Sender Account Setup Form,” where you will enter more information about your facility and add your SutureSign users (AKA your order senders).

    1. Read the instructions at the top.

    2. Notice that free accounts are limited to 3 users:

      • 3 users are allotted to each free account.

      • Other users can be added for a one time fee of $50.00.

    3. Primary administrative contact”

      • This needs to be the best person for us to contact

      • This should be one of the three users unless you plan to pay for more.

    4. Fill out the first names, last names, and e-mail addresses for each user.

      • If you are the only user at your facility put yourself as User 1.

      • The fields under “User 2” and “User 3”, will be used for the other 2 accounts.

      • Each user must have a unique e-mail address.

    5. Does your organization have multiple facilities?”

      • Indicate if your organization has multiple facilities.

      • If Yes, Will you need to share your patient access across all of your facilities?”

        • Indicate if you will need to share your patient access across all of your facilities (yes/no).

    6. Notes”

      1. If there is anything else that you would like us to know, please enter your feedback or commentary here.

      2. If you have questions before your facility is imported, do not put it in the notes section; instead, please e-mail us at This way, we can assure a faster response.

    7. When you have completed all of these fields click “submit” to finish the form.

  5. You will be sent an email within 5 business days with your login credentials and set-up instructions.

  6. Upon receiving this email, follow the prompts to set up your account.

  7. If you have questions about the signup process, e-mail SutureSign support at


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